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2013 American Housing Survey Stats For South Carolina


Total Residences

This number includes both single-family dwellings, as well as apartments, condos, and rental/short-stay locations.

7.00 %

119,248 Homes With Leaks

Of this number, there's a 11.70% chance the water came into your basement. 13,988 South Carolina respondants to the survey reported seein water enter their basement within the past 12 months

3.2 %

54,176 had foundation problems.

In total, 45,133 respondants stated there were cracks or holes in the foundation of the structure. An additional 9,042 stated the outside walls were sloping. All indicators of structural concerns.

Recent Work Requests

8 Common Problem Signs Reported In South Carolina Homes
  • Cracking in wall
  • Water on basement walls
  • Nails coming out of drywall
  • Carpeting is damp
  • Water where floor and wall meet
  • Doors do not open/close
  • Leakage around windows
  • Leaking windows in basement
Important Facts and Data To Understand
  • Flood-prone areas have been identified in every county, city and town in South Carolina 1
  • If you already have a mold problem - act quickly. Mold damages what it grows on. The longer it grows, the more damage it can cause.
  • The best way to approach any building problem is to first do the things that are easy and low cost. Then proceed in a logical order doing the next least costly technique with the most positive likely result. With moisture problems, the best approach is almost always to remove or control the source of the moisture, not to try to stop it at the last line of defense. 2
  • The two major causes of basement floods are neglect of routine home maintenance and poor drainage, according to experts.
  • Brick or concrete can be damaged during freeze-thaw cycles and by sub-surface salt deposition.
  • Keep indoor humidity low. If possible, keep indoor humidity below 60 percent (ideally between 30 and 50 percent) relative humidity. Relative humidity can be measured with a moisture or humidity meter, a small, inexpensive($10-$50) instrument available at many hardware stores. 3
  • If you plan to remodel your basement, it is important to control moisture problems at the source before doing anything else. Corrective actions can be relatively easily but sometimes, depending on the severity of the problem, they can be difficult and expensive.

Wet Basements Should Be Evaluated

Visit this link to review repair contractors in various cities of the state.

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