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2013 American Housing Survey Stats For Oregon


Total Residences

This number includes both single-family dwellings, as well as apartments, condos, and rental/short-stay locations.

5.30 %

74,077 Homes With Leaks

Of this number, there's a 6.00% chance the water came into your basement. 4,470 Oregon respondants to the survey reported seein water enter their basement within the past 12 months

2.9 %

39,752 had foundation problems.

In total, 30,493 respondants stated there were cracks or holes in the foundation of the structure. An additional 9,260 stated the outside walls were sloping. All indicators of structural concerns.

Recent Work Requests

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8 Common Problem Signs Reported In Oregon Homes
  • Damp block walls
  • Vertical cracks in basement walls
  • Sump pump not work
  • Carpet is wet
  • Doors hard to close
  • Water enters at floor/wall join
  • Leakage around windows in basement
  • Dampness in the basement
Important Facts and Data To Understand
  • Heavy rains from late October through March mark the rainy season in the Northwestern U.S., bringing the majority of yearly rainfall to the region from intense storms over the Pacific Ocean. Western Washington and Northwest Oregon have already experienced flooding early in this year's rainy season. November rains caused riverbanks to overflow and levees to be breached, resulting in millions of dollars in damages. 1
  • The best way to approach any building problem is to first do the things that are easy and low cost. Then proceed in a logical order doing the next least costly technique with the most positive likely result. With moisture problems, the best approach is almost always to remove or control the source of the moisture, not to try to stop it at the last line of defense.
  • High humidity outside can make indoor air more humid, increasing the risk of moisture damage indoors, such as mold growth or wood rot. 2
  • It is a myth that installing vapor barriers is the most important step for controlling moisture in walls. Vapor barriers only retard moisture due to diffusion, while most moisture enters walls either through fluid capillary action or as water vapor through air leaks.
  • Start cleaning your furnishings as soon as possible. Your aim should be to thoroughly dry and clean the house before trying to live in it or have permanent repairs made. Early efforts should include taking furniture, rugs, bedding and clothing outside to dry and prevent mildew.
  • If you clean up the mold, but don't fix the water problem, then, most likely, the mold problem will come back. 3
  • Dampness and mold are not the same, but they go hand in hand. Dampness may show up in visible moisture, like leaks or as high humidity. Dampness in homes or buildings creates the environment for mold spores to grow. Dampness can cause harm even when mold is not present. Excessive moisture also promotes the growth of common indoor pollutants like dust mites, cockroaches, bacteria and viruses , which can impact health

Wet Basements Should Be Evaluated

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