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2013 American Housing Survey Stats For New Jersey


Total Residences

This number includes both single-family dwellings, as well as apartments, condos, and rental/short-stay locations.

11.70 %

377,731 Homes With Leaks

Of this number, there's a 31.40% chance the water came into your basement. 118,660 New Jersey respondants to the survey reported seein water enter their basement within the past 12 months

3.5 %

112,630 had foundation problems.

In total, 92,387 respondants stated there were cracks or holes in the foundation of the structure. An additional 20,243 stated the outside walls were sloping. All indicators of structural concerns.

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8 Common Problem Signs Reported In New Jersey Homes
  • Basement wall(s) are wet
  • Water leaking through basement walls.
  • Carpeting is damp
  • Gaps between walls and floors
  • Windows "Stick"
  • Basement has a "musty" smell
  • Cracked brick
  • Chimney leaning from house
Important Facts and Data To Understand
  • From 2003-2008, insured flood loses in New Jersey totaled approximately $266 million. 1
  • Even when the flooding is due to a fairly clean source, such as rain water, the growth of these microorganisms can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals
  • If you have a sump pump, test it to make sure itís working; you might want to invest in a battery backup. 2
  • Never turn on wet electric appliances because they may cause an electric shock, overheat, or start a fire.
  • Building foundations are vulnerable to moisture problems for a number of reasons, including: water from rain and from plumbing leaks is drawn by gravity to foundations, which are exposed to surface water, rain-soaked soil and, possibly, high water tables.
  • Wash with a disinfectant, such as chlorine bleach, pine oil or a phenolic product, such as Lysol. Remember, a product is considered to be a "disinfectant" only if it is labeled as such. Rinse well. 3
  • Never turn on wet electric appliances because they may cause an electric shock, overheat, or start a fire.

Wet Basements Should Be Evaluated

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