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2013 American Housing Survey Stats For Michigan


Total Residences

This number includes both single-family dwellings, as well as apartments, condos, and rental/short-stay locations.

11.20 %

419,685 Homes With Leaks

Of this number, there's a 46.60% chance the water came into your basement. 195,528 Michigan respondants to the survey reported seein water enter their basement within the past 12 months

4.2 %

158,204 had foundation problems.

In total, 130,635 respondants stated there were cracks or holes in the foundation of the structure. An additional 27,569 stated the outside walls were sloping. All indicators of structural concerns.

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8 Common Problem Signs Reported In Michigan Homes
  • Walls in basement show dampness
  • Water leaking in at basement corners
  • Carpet is damp to the touch
  • Carpet in basement is damp
  • Basement smells "like a basement"
  • Drywall shows water stains
  • Brick cracks on outside of home
  • Dampness in the basement
Important Facts and Data To Understand
  • Never go into a basement with standing water in it unless you are sure the electricity is off. 1
  • Identify and eliminate the water problem. The most critical step is to identify and eliminate the source of the water that is creating a damp environment. You may need technical assistance from a plumber or contractor to determine what needs to be fixed or changed.
  • Make sure the ground slopes away from the building foundation, so that water does not enter or collect around the foundation. 2
  • Water can seep into your house from the outside through a leak in the foundation, or small gaps around windows or doors.
  • Mold can cause serious health problems. The key to mold control is moisture control. After the flood, remove standing water and dry indoor areas. Remove and discard anything that has been wet for more than 24-48 hours.
  • Start drying the basement as quickly as possible in order to minimize wood decay or growth of mold. 3
  • The best way to control dampness and mold indoors is to control the sources of moisture. Common problem areas include air-conditioning units; basements, attics and crawl spaces; bathrooms; humidifiers and dehumidifiers;and refrigerator drip pans.

Wet Basements Should Be Evaluated

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