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2013 American Housing Survey Stats For Indiana


Total Residences

This number includes both single-family dwellings, as well as apartments, condos, and rental/short-stay locations.

11.20 %

278,680 Homes With Leaks

Of this number, there's a 46.60% chance the water came into your basement. 129,835 Indiana respondants to the survey reported seein water enter their basement within the past 12 months

4.2 %

105,051 had foundation problems.

In total, 86,744 respondants stated there were cracks or holes in the foundation of the structure. An additional 18,306 stated the outside walls were sloping. All indicators of structural concerns.

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8 Common Problem Signs Reported In Indiana Homes
  • Cracked concrete
  • Leaks in corners of the basement
  • Foundation is sinking
  • Carpet is wet to the touch
  • Horizontal cracks
  • Doors do not open/close
  • White powdery substance on walls
  • Leaking basement windows
Important Facts and Data To Understand
  • 1
  • Give special attention to cleaning children's toys, cribs, playpens and play equipment. Boil any items a toddler or baby might put in his or her mouth. Discard stuffed toys, water-logged toys and non-cleanableitems.
  • If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows, walls or pipes act quickly to dry the wet surface and reduce the moisture/water source. Condensation can be a sign of high humidity. 2
  • To protect against rain penetration, you should also create a drainage plane within the wall system of your home.
  • Mold exists everywhere; there are no indoor spaces without mold. However, without sufficient moisture, mold cannot grow. If mold is growing, too much moisture is present.
  • Mold can cause serious health problems. The key to mold control is moisture control. After the flood, remove standing water and dry indoor areas. Remove and discard anything that has been wet for more than 24-48 hours. 3
  • Building foundations are vulnerable to moisture problems for a number of reasons, including: water from rain and from plumbing leaks is drawn by gravity to foundations, which are exposed to surface water, rain-soaked soil and, possibly, high water tables.

Wet Basements Should Be Evaluated

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